Abatement | Demolition | Contaminated Soils

Iowa Demolition’s Fleet

Our clients have come to rely not only on our technical expertise but also in the fact that we have the right tools and equipment to get the job done, safely, on-time and within budget. Iowa Demolition’s owned fleet includes excavators, dozers, loaders, lifts, skid steers, fork lifts, water trucks, side and end dump trailers, air compressors, negative air machines, generators, high pressure “Spin-Jet” equipment coupled with Vac Loader systems, and other auxiliary equipment and tools required to successfully complete our clients’ abatement and demolition projects. All maintenance and repair of this equipment is performed onsite and in our facilities by trained and certified technicians. ESA’s lowboy trailer allows us to mobilize at a moment’s notice to respond to our clients’ emergency clean up needs. We also have a high reach excavator for demolition up to 110 feet.


Heavy Equipment

ESA has a full fleet of heavy equipment including bulldozers, excavators, and skid loaders.


ESA has a full fleet of trucks.

Vac Loaders

ESA is one of the few firms in the region that has Vac Loader equipment.  ESA utilizes this specialty equipment to perform abatement on a variety of projects. These high power vac systems are able to efficiently manage material from crawlspace clean ups to water capture from our hydro blast system.