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Safety and Training

ESA is honored to be the recipient of the Safety Crew of the Quarter for our work performed on the Eagle P3 project in the fall of 2012.

Download and view our award letter from Denver Transit Constructors below.

Safety comes first ESA, with a current EMR rating of 0.77. We are an ISNET and BROWZ certified contractor.

Safety comes first at Iowa Demolition. With a current EMR rating of 0.77, Iowa Demolition holds itself to the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance. We go above and beyond industry standards applying our own rigorous and comprehensive principles. Iowa Demolition has taken a proactive approach to planning safety in the pre-job startup phase of every project. Safety issues are addressed prior to the arrival of our employees and reviewed daily on every job site. A behavior-based approach makes safety the responsibility of every employee.

Safe and responsible handling of all hazardous materials is a primary concern of Iowa Demolition Our personnel are continuously educated in all applicable EPA and OSHA regulations and guidelines. In addition, Iowa Demolition is committed to employing only qualified personnel specifically trained and certified for hazardous materials, asbestos and lead remediation. All training is in full accordance with the EPA and OSHA regulations for hazardous materials. Although not required by law, our demolition crews are also trained in the same rigorous manner and are therefore able to handle even the most challenging or unexpected situations.

Environmental and demolition work by its nature is fraught with danger. Iowa Demolition health and safety program reduces risks through education and preparation. We work every day to foster the safest working environment possible for our employees. All of our workers wear the appropriate protective equipment and engage in safety education and re-education on a continual basis. We constantly work to exceed client expectations by going beyond the recommended guidelines of OSHA and the EPA.

Safety Award on Eagle P3


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